While troubleshooting, it's sometimes helpful to determine what the behavior would be without Winston, but physically disconnecting Winston from the Network is impractical.

To essentially disable Winston, you can turn off its functionality by temporarily disabling its port interception and use of the Distributed Privacy Mesh Network to cloak your internet activity.

To do so, while connected to your Winston network, navigate to Advanced Settings within http://winston.conf/pages/privacy. Then, toggle the first three toggles to grey and select Save Settings.

When you are done, be sure to toggle these three settings back to purple and select Save Settings.

Note that there is no need to disable the fourth setting, Enable Privacy Mesh Network, and doing so will cause a delay in your use of the Mesh Network again when you re-enable it. If you do disable Enable Privacy Mesh Network, we recommend rebooting Winston when you are ready to re-enable Winston, by using the black Reset button on Winston, next to the power slot.


We are considering the addition of a single switch to temporarily disable Winston, in future firmware releases.